Dustin Thieme had a hole-in-one May 15, 2017 on hole 6 at Sage Lakes Golf Course in Idaho Falls, ID.
He used a 6 Iron on the 147 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Michael Thieme , Amadeo Ramos and Paul Sentieri.
My first hole in one. The reaction of the witnesses and myself were priceless. We were in awww. I made my shot and it felt great from the start. The ball landed on the front of the green heading right for the flag. I was screaming at the ball to get in the hole! Then we heard the unmistakable clink of the ball hitting the flag stick. At first I wasn't sure if it went in or bounced off the flag. But as we walked up to the hole and didn't see my ball on the green, my heart started to race. I ran up to the hole and sure enough there it was .
Certificate ID: 55809