christopher key had a hole-in-one August 11, 2017 on hole 5 at meadowbrook golf course in anderson, IN.
He used a 6 Iron on the 150 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were bob fox , randy cunningham and merle strong.
i went there and i was going to hit a bucket of ball, but they were mowing the practice range. so, i thought ill just play 9 and practice on my woods. so, when i got up to the tee box on one, there was a couple gentlleman there, they asked me if i wanted to go ahead i can. i said no, you gentleman go ahead im having a bad day im in no hurry. well , when i got to number 5, i was still playin the blue tees for my woods practice,it was over a pond about 145 150, so i club down to a 6 iron, i normally use a 5, i hit a perfect sweet spot and it flew perfect, it took one bounce and disappeared, i hollared to the gentleman i let go ahead and play, bob fox and randy cunningham, did it go, they said ya right in the cup. wow, 18 yrs for my first hole in one, i never thought i would ever get one, ive been very hurt and didnt know if i could ever play again. my sister passed this week, i said Gina , your messin with me...
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