david gunter had a hole-in-one October 11, 2017 on hole 6 at Oak Marsh in woodbury, MN.
He used a Sand Wedge on the 107 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were David Dietz and david gunter.
we were playing in our Tuesday senior league at Oak Marsh, we happen to be playing our Ryder Cup and my partner just happened to hit his tee shot a little fat and did not make the green and i told him not to worry because i had this. because this was in my wheel house and i took one practice swing and stepped up to the ball and took a nice full easy swing and the shot looked so nice in the air i said boy that ball is right at it. the Flag was behind a mound so we could not see the bottom of the cup so once everyone hit we drove up to the green and once we got around the mound we only saw one ball up by the flag and it was yellow which was not mine since i was using a whit ball. I said boy i must be long again and my partner said well maybe you are in the cup and i said yeah right, i continued to walk slowly to the cup looking towards the front of the green for my ball as i went and as we both got to the cup low and behold it was in the bottom of the cup and boy what a thrill......there was a little celebration after we saw that....... .
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