Frank Gaudio had a hole-in-one November 13, 2017 on hole 7 at The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, FL.
He used a 6 Iron on the 158 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Ron Hellman , Joe Russo and Bob Hughes.
Not feeling great all morning. Very quiet round. Started off with boggies and doubles. Getting to the #7 hole not feeling good, hands shaking. Took a bite out of Joe's Energy bar after Ron told me to eat something. Walked up to tbox not expecting much. Hit the ball slightly left of green with pin up front. There is a hill in front of green so never saw ball land. As we drove up to green we saw only three balls and based on where balls were I figure mine rolled to back of green. Ron said maybe it's in the hole and he walked over to pin. Jumbo the caddie told Joe based on where my ball mark was I may have a hole in one. Sure enough Ron started yelling it's in the hole, it's in the hole. I was extremely calm as I thought maybe Ron was joking as he has done that before. After realizing it was in the cup I stayed calm walked over to green saw my ball in cup and then hugged Ron,Joe and Bob. I shed a tear just thinking of the moment. We took a few photos and moved on after the boys finished the hole. .
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