Tracy Deiter Masciantonio had a hole-in-one December 04, 2017 on hole 5 at Chesapeake Hills Golf Course in Lusby, MD.
She used a Driver on the 263 yard par 4 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Shirley Knight , Barb Redgate and Karen Bowen.
After looking for what we all thought was my lost drive from the tee box (all 4 of use searched for 10-15 minutes!), I hit a 2nd ball and pulled it over the green! After walking up to the green, I had asked Shirley to mark her ball & pull the flag so that I could pitch. (Note: Barb & Karen's balls were also on the green). When Shirley pulled the flag, she heard the \"ball drop in bottom of the cup\"! Of course, I didn't believe her when she screamed, \"...YOUR BALL IN THE HOLE! YOU JUST MADE A \"HOLE-IN-ONE\"... .\" That's when the celebration started and it's been going on since! What a \"history maker\"! .
Certificate ID: 61776