Zyronee Corre had a hole-in-one February 13, 2018 on hole 17 at Palm valley golf club in Goodyear , AZ.
He used a 6 Iron on the 155 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Jonathan Roeder , Chris Boughton and Donnie Belasco.
I was tired, hungry and thirsty. I was counting my fingers to figure out what club i would be using on this 155 yard par 3. PW, 9, 8, 7, 6.... yup i think I'll use the 6 for this. I line up my shot, go through my pre swing checklist; I'm really thinking about what lunch is going to be after our round. I look at the hole one last time before i take my swing.... One one-thousand, two one-thousand click! Loft was good. Felt nice. Oh look, it's on the green, haha. Look, it's getting closer, hah... holy cow it's getting closer.... where did it go??!! I'm officially addicted to golf!.
Certificate ID: 62474