Regina King had a hole-in-one March 11, 2018 on hole 7 at Bayou Oaks City Park South in New Orleans, LA.
She used a 9 Iron on the 110 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Elaine Ledet and Sandy Cannella.
We are in a ladies golf club, New Orleans Women's Golf Assiciation (NOWGA). March 7th was just a play day with no competition at Bayou Oaks City Park South which is a new course which I believe has since been rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina. I am the Treasurer. It was super windy that day with a sunny chill in the air. We were on HOLE 7 Par 3 with about 110 yards to the flag. Sandy hit before me and went to the back of the green so she suggested I club down. I took my Adams nine iron and hit a nice tee shot to the front of the green so I saw it rolling nicely on the green thinking "okay, I'm good on the green." I bent down to pick up my tee beings I knew I was good on the green but little did I know it was still rolling. All of a sudden everyone erupts (side note two workers were also witness to the HIO as they were sitting in their work cart on side the tee box) one of the workers not speaking fluent English made a HOLE with his hand and told my friends it went in the HOLE and Elaine said she saw it hit the flagstick then didn't see it anymore. I was like No way!!! I said I won't believe it until I see it!!! Sure enough...IN THE HOLE!!! I was beyond excited. We reported it to Bayou Oaks Pro shop but I don't think they have anything for HOLE in ones. I AM A HAPPY CAMPER er uh GOLFER!!! MY FIRST HOLE IN ONE with a Callaway Chrome Pink and White ball my golf pro from Timberlane Country Club gave me!,, .
Certificate ID: 62784