Robert Nelson had a hole-in-one April 14, 2018 on hole 2 at LinRick Golf Course in Columbia, SC.
He used a 7 Iron on the 145 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Pete Pantsari.
I wanted to get my stepdads father on the course, he hadn't played for 2 years. I typically shoot 95 to 105 and my goal coming into the day was break 100 for once this year. I approached the shot and my GPS suggested it was 138 to 145, the card says 145 yards to the middle, but the pin placement was front left, maybe 15 to 20 feet in front of the sandtrap, and this is going downhill. I took my 7 iron with the goal to get over the trap and on the green. I swung, it was straight oddly enough, landed barely on the other side of the trap kicking up some sand, to which I cheered. I noticed the ball was still rolling, then it disappeared in the hole. I had 5 total witnesses, two were behind us, two were on the next teebox, and my step-grandfather. I paused, then cheered last after everyone else did. I then laughed, bc I knew the rest of the day would be affected, and eventually, the course and exhaustion set in, but regardless, I got a hole in one, and that made the day and I broke 100. If it wasn't for my girlfriend, I likely would never play golf, so I have to thank her..
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