Joan Bornstein had a hole-in-one April 15, 2018 on hole 7 at Thomson Country Club in North Reading, MA.
She used a 5 Wood on the 142 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Donna Westerberg and Judy Barry.
It was opening day at our course. It was a cloudy, 50 degree day and after a few holes, our 3-some decided to play only 9 holes. We teed off at 1:10 p.m. I was walking and my golf mates were in a cart. The course was still very wet from the recently melted snow. The air was really dead because of the temperature and on the 7th hole, even though it was a red flag, I decided to take more club (5-wood) than usual to reach the green. I teed it up a little higher than usual and I hit a high drive that looked as though it was a little left of the flag. This hole has a bit of a sloping green and even though it is a straight shot, you can't see the hole from the tee box. I knew I hit it well and usually if I hit that club well on this hole it tends to roll all the way off the back of the green. When I walked up to the green and I didn't see my ball, it never occurred to me to look in the hole so I kept walking to see how far off the back it might've rolled. My golf mate drove her cart to the back of the green to walk back to her ball which was in the fairway and didn't reach the green. Since I couldn't yet find my ball and we knew it was a good shot, she said she would take a look in the hole as she walked by. When she told me the ball was in the hole, I went a little crazy celebrating and took a few pictures. The foursome behind us knew something exciting had happened. We finished 8 and 9 and believe it or not, I used my hole-in-one ball for both of those holes (rookie mistake). I was very fortunate not to lose the ball in the water at the par-5 9th hole! It cost me about $100 in the clubhouse afterwards buying a round for everyone since most of the men from the morning groups were already gone for the day. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon by the time we finished our 9 holes. My husband drove to the grill room to meet me and the girls for a drink. It was so fun being a star for the day!.
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