Carol Jean Boluyt-France had a hole-in-one July 11, 2018 on hole 13 at Marquette Trails Country Club, Inc. in Baldwin, MI.
She used a 3 Wood on the 130 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Scott France , Dan France and Matt Kruithoff.
We spent the weekend at our cabin near Big Star Lake for July 4th festivities and had an 8:30 am tee time. We decided to play as a 2-person scramble. Teams were my husband, Scott and cousin, Matt against my brother-in-law, Dan and myself. Then on our first Par 3 Matt suggested we play closest to the pin on the Par 3's...none of us even got on the green on any of the Par 3's until the 13th Hole. I am always the last one to hit as I'm driving from the Ladies Tees, so I took my turn on 13 and lost it in the shadows. We drove up to the green to see who, if anyone was on and we didn't see any balls on the green so we started looking to see where everyone's ball was. We found the guys balls but didn't see mine, so my brother-in-law says he was pretty sure he saw it go in the hole, so he walks over to the flag/pin and looks in the hole and sure enough my ball was in the hole! The rest of us were in disbelief so he pulled the flag/pin and out came my ball. I'm still in disbelief but what an amazing accomplishment :)).
Certificate ID: 65608