Jamie Hamlett had a hole-in-one August 09, 2018 on hole 3 at Poplar Forest Golf Course in Forest, VA.
He used a Pitching Wedge on the 141 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Ellana Avery.
My round started kind of rough, with a bogey on 1 and a bogey on 2. I approached the tee-box on 3 thinking \"just put this on the green and give myself a chance to get one of these strokes back\". I hit my range finder at 141 yard to the pin in the back right of the green. This is my home course so I know the green is a two tiered green that has a slope in the center with the front running downhill towards me and the back sloping away from me. I decided to hit my pitching wedge which is my normal 130-135 yard club. I did one practice swing and it felt like the correct one right-away. I setup with my playing partner, Lana, waiting at the red teebox down the hill to the left. I hit my shot and remember seeing it have quite a bit of arc to it with what looked like enough distance to get me to the green. As it got closer I realized it was definitely going to hit the green and I thought that I had given myself a shot to setup a birdie putt. As the ball fell it happened to hit directly on the crest of the hill where the two slopes met and was to the right hand side of the flag . Since the ball had such a high launch I thought it was done where it dropped, but I noticed it starting to ride the downslope which influences a right to left break (towards the hole). To be honest, I really couldn't see where the pin met the hole, but from my perspective all I could think was this is going to be a nice tap in putt based on how fast the ball was rolling towards the hole. I set my focus on the ball as it inched closer to the hole until eventually it disappeared. Now, #8's tee box is to the right hand side of this green up a hillside and there was a group of three guys who happened to tee off just before I hit, and I guess one of them heard my ball land and decided to watch it roll. I couldn't quite tell if the ball had went in or not, but I didn't want to react if my eyes were playing tricks on me. The guy on #8's tee box all of a sudden threw both hands up in the air clapping. I told Lana \"I think I just hit a hole in one!!!!\". I couldn't believe it! the guys on #8's tee box waited for us to get down to the green and they yelled down and asked to verify if it went in the hole! As I walked across the green and got close, sure enough, I saw the \"double naught\" Pro-v1x sitting in the hole! before I could even turn the card in at the end of my round the guys on 8 had already let the pro in the golf shop know what had happened. It was such a crazy site to witness!!.
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