Adam Grant had a hole-in-one September 12, 2018 on hole 3 at Hollow Brook Golf Club in Cortlandt Manor, NY.
He used a 5 Iron on the 176 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Ed Shaw and Barry Goldstein.
This ace came on the third hole in the first round of my club championship qualifier, making this very special. I hit the upper right portion of the green, just where I was aiming. As I expected, the ball rolled down towards the pin. We can't see the bottom of the flag when the pin is positioned in the center of the green, so we didn't see the ball go in. I just figured I would have a decent chance for birdie. But when we got to the green, my ball was not visible. I knew it was in the hole! To make this ace even more special, I wasn't playing particularly well that morning. I had an uncharacteristic triple-double on our first two holes, so the hole-in-one on the third hole was unexpected but certainly a welcome surprise. I went on to shoot 80 that day (just 6 over for the final 15 holes), then followed it up with an 81 on day 2 of the qualifier. I secured my #1 seeding for this year's championship. The ace certainly brightened my entire day..
Certificate ID: 67599