Peter Jennings had a hole-in-one September 14, 2018 on hole 7 at Michaywe Golf Club in Gaylord, MI.
He used a 7 Iron on the 165 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were John Mouat , Robert Hood and Tom .
We were playing in an annual 2 day Ryder Cup at Michaywe GC. On the 7th hole one of the US team hit a shot right on target but due to a rise at the front part of of the green you could not see where it ended up, but it looked good. The 2nd US team member push his shot right landing in the marsh just right of the green. My partner hit his ball straight but slightly short of the green. I hit a slight fade into the pin which I thought would have been around center of the green. Upon driving up to the green there was only one ball, 4 feet from the pin. This ball had multiple red and blue patterns which identicated it was not my ball. I was upset, thinking my ball must have gone long so I started to scour the back and side of the green for my ball, “it had to be here”, yet it wasn’t. I went back again looking, fearing we were about to go 2 down with 2 holes on the front to play. I checked the edge of the marsh area without any success. I then approached the flag, the US team were lining up their 4 foot putt for birdie. I thought, where did this ball go, without any consideration that it may be in the hole. I approached the flag looked down into the hole, only to see my Calloway ball, the others were within 6 feet of the flag. I said, “it is in the hole”. The others looked and it was cheers and high 5s all around..
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