Eric Johnson had a hole-in-one September 14, 2018 on hole 17 at Pudding Ridge in Davie County, NC.
He used a 5 Wood on the 119 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Bruce McClain.
A great morning for golf. Fog burnt off to blue sky. There are 2 par 3s on the back 9 and both were playing within 3 yards of each other. On the first par 3 I was flag high but 15 yards left. On the second par 3 I used the same club but tried to adjust for the left that I hit earlier. The ball was on a good line and landing about 15 feet short , released and rolled toward the flag. Bruce my playing partner kept talking to the ball....cozy...cozy...cozy then it dropped in!! We were both in shock for about two seconds then there was hollaring, hugging and handshakes! Bruce is the man who got me golfing 14 years ago. He said I needed a hobby and that I worked to much. I have really enjoyed the 14 years I have played. I usually shoot between 85 and 95 but this year I have shot a 79 and now a hole in one. The best part of golf for me has been the friendships and relaxation. I look forward to the next 14 years!!.
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