Nic Gorman had a hole-in-one November 11, 2018 on hole 17 at Alondra short course in Lawndale , CA.
He used a Pitching Wedge on the 97 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Michael Archuletta .
The green was 10yrds wide by 20 long, pin placed only 3yrds from a bunker on the left and 15yrds back. The swing was effortless and strike felt like butter. I could see at the balls apex it was dropping right on the hole. It landed a yard left of the hole on the front of the green off the upper lip of the bunker and kicked just right and followed a slight break back left and from my angle went straight down the pin line. I thought the pin was closer to the front and It was on the back side of the pin. Not even considering that it was going in I thought it rolled off the back of the green when it disappeared. My friend was shocked before I was and yelled “YOU HOLED IT!” In complete disbelief I sprinted the 100yrds to the hole where sure enough the cup was cradling my ball gently as a newborn baby. Taking my ball out I was hit with a surge of adrenaline that knocked me off my feet back onto the green where I convulsed uncontrollably like a toddler throwing a tantrum of imaginary snow angels. Leaping up into the air my fists stayed tightly clenched as I did my best Rocky impression dancing back to the hole to get my clubs and watch my friend proceed to shank 3 balls right into the trees before he conceded and walked past the 18th and back to the car where he did his best to forget his sorrowful performance that day. But as for myself and the crackhead riding his bike down Inglewood blvd who joined in my jubilation, we will always remember that day as “the day the ball went home”.
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