Rebecca Clites had a hole-in-one November 12, 2018 on hole 8 at The Lakes at El Segundo in El Segundo, CA.
She used a Pitching Wedge on the 115 yard par 3 holes.
Witness to her great achievement was Kay Gladson.
This hole in one was very different than my first and only other one 12 years ago! I was playing with the Ladies club at The Lakes in El Segundo. Kay and I were playing as a twosome. I approached the day with an intention of accuracy. I envisioned being close to each hole. That's not how the first 7 holes ended up. I was frustrated at the 8th tee box and told myself to focus! My Goodness, use the correct club, swing the correct swing. The pin was in front, between two sand traps. The sun just rose and was glaring in our eyes. All I had left was to hit the ball as good as I knew how. No tee. Just flush on the ground. I hit the Sweet Spot! The best feeling in the world! Looking into the sun I couldn't see the trajectory so I focused on the green, by the pin and waited for the ball to come down. All of a sudden there is a ball mark behind the pin and the ball disappeared. At first I thought the ball mark was the shadow of the ball and refused to think the ball was in the hole. My partner Kay was having a bad hole and before I could take off to check out the hole, I had to find her ball. Once she safely punched out, I ran to the hole. However, as I approached it, I slowed way down and very quietly, looked in..
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