Dennis Boyd had a hole-in-one November 13, 2018 on hole 8 at Revere Golf Club - Lexington in Henderson, NV.
He used a 6 Iron on the 181 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Roger G. , Mike Calapli and Mike D..
Playing as a single with three great individuals. They made a comment when we approached the Par three 8th hole that neither had a hole-in-one. One commented, he had never seen a hole-in-one. Each player hit, then I hit a nice 6 iron into a slightly down hill 181 yards to the pin. Comments from the players, nice shot as it was directly at pin. We couldn’t see the bottom of the pin. As we alll approached the green, I was looking long; as we didnt see my ball short. I couldn’t find the ball after a few minutes searching, when one of the players stated, “did you look in the hole” as everyone was standing on the green, I looked in the hole, and there it was! I think they were more excited than I was! .
Certificate ID: 68811