Will Calvert had a hole-in-one January 07, 2019 on hole 13 at Stone Mountain Golf Club in Stone Mountain , GA.
He used a 3 Wood on the 194 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Chad Chimeleski.
I was playing the Lakemont side at Stone Mountain Golf Club. Number 13 is an elevated green so you can only see about the top quarter of the flag pole. I hit a really nice shot off of the tee with a three wood. It went straight for the pin and I was pleased with the shot. I thought for sure I was at least on the green when we drove up from the tee box. We looked on the green and on the back side for my ball and could not find it anywhere. My buddy chipped on as I submitted to having lost my ball, I even dropped one and chipped on. Feeling rather deflated Chad putted in and at that point he said \" hey there is a ball in here already\". I was ecstatic when I asked if it were a Calloway and he said yes! Wish I could have seen it go in but such is life. I will take it any day though!.
Certificate ID: 69413