Jan Richter had a hole-in-one January 08, 2019 on hole 13 at Tempe Golf Club in Bloemfontein, ZAF.
He used a 6 Iron on the 163 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Andries Strauss , Marieta Cawood and Johnny Barnard.
I have never seen or experience a hole-in-one myself. We were playing in a 4 ball alliance. At number 13 you have to play over a water pond and can only see half of the flag, because of the pond wall. When we reached the green, Johnny's ball was on the green and Andries and Marieta's ball on the other side of the green, but my ball was no where. While I was looking for my ball, Johnny walked to the flag, and suddenly went mad and start shouting! Andries approached him to find out why was he shouting, and then he also raved and went mad! Me and Marieta rushed to the flag, saw my ball at the bottom of the cup and joined the joyous party! Absolute disbelief and dumb struck with the widest smile on my face, my heart racing, was how I felt at that moment! To experience personally a hole-in-one, while not expecting or seeing it , will stay with me and my friends for a very long time!.
Certificate ID: 69420