Cru Jacquot had a hole-in-one January 10, 2019 on hole 9 at Brea Creek Golf Course in Brea, CA.
He used a 8 Iron on the 129 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Timothy Seward.
I didnít want to even get up and go golfing after a 15 hour shift at work the day before. It was my only day off and my roommate convinced me to go. I ended up playing poorly all day with a couple 8ís on par 3ís. The sun had just eclipsed the horizon and I felt it was a good shot and Tim started walking to the cart. I thought it mightíve went in and he was like no way. The couple behind us didnít see it go in but when I asked them they said they didnít see it on the green. As we got close I saw the divot and no ball so I knew it was an ace. I ran around jumping for joy. Best feeling in the world and I now feel like I can retire from golf or I need to keep going and get another!.
Certificate ID: 69452