Ilissa Riley had a hole-in-one March 13, 2019 on hole 5 at Republic Golf Club in San Antonio, TX.
She used a 6 Iron on the 142 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Mike Jaggers Jr. , Emily Wharton and Whitney McDaniel.
I had gotten my hole in one during our conference in my sophomore year of college. It was an undulating green sloping left to right, out of bounds on the right, lateral hazard on the left and backside with 4 bunkers in the front. The yardage was 140 but I played it as 145 and hit my 6 iron (which happens to be my second favorite club next to my driver) and when I hit the ball, I know I hit it clean. But I didnt know it had gone in until one of the observers ran up on the green and gave the touchdown symbol! They did an interview of me which you can find on YouTube. I was shaking so bad from excitement I couldn't even hit first on the following hole. I never knew I wasnt registered for my hole in one until now. It was one of my most exciting moments as a golfer and it was made all the more special to have done in during conference..
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