Shane Stanton had a hole-in-one April 16, 2019 on hole 8 at Golf Club of Dublin in Dublin, OH.
He used a 8 Iron on the 115 yard par 3 hole.
I was working with the grounds crew at the time. Since most of the crew was Latino, it was decided that we call it a day noon, and have a Cinco de Mayo party. I get a couple of margaritas in me, and get the urge to play on a chilly day with 15-20 mph wind. I decide to play the ladies tee thinking the wind is a big enough challenge for today, and i just want to enjoy nine holes before heading home. The eight was going right into the teeth of the wind. Once I knew the number, I chose my eight iron. The ball started out flying a little left of the hole just like I planed. It started drifting to the right, took three bounces, and started rolling. It kissed the flagstick, and disappeared. The on the tee celebration didnít last too long b/c I had no witnesses. I called my dad from the cart. He told me that it counts as an ace. When I got back to the clubhouse bar, I enjoyed another margarita, and gave a few lucky customers a free margarita..
Certificate ID: 70679