Jerry Wilson had a hole-in-one July 12, 2019 on hole 5 at Hawk Meadows in Howell, MI.
He used a 7 Iron on the 150 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Doug Andrews , Keith Lane and Bob Barker.
On the tee box, it was a bit windy ( I would usually use a 8 iron at 150 yards) the flag was behind the bunker and couldn't see the hole. I aimed for the center of the green and took the shot. The ball hit pretty much where I was aiming and took a kick to the right, we didn't know it went in because we couldn't see the hole. After pulling up to the green my partner kept saying it was in the hole, he walked up to the hole first and turned and looked at me and shouted \"your the man\" It was awesome! I shot 38 that day. Thanks..
Certificate ID: 72950