Lance Germain had a hole-in-one August 13, 2019 on hole 6 at Wildstone Golf Course in Cranbrook, BC.
He used a Gap Wedge on the 126 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Matthew Pundick , Jamie Morrow and Tyler Poirier.
I approached the tee box with a 56 degree wedge because there was a bit of an elevation drop. Matthew shot first and stuck one tight, I asked him what club he used and he said his gap wedge. So after some deliberation I decided to club up to my utility wedge. I hit a nice looking shot that had our crew buzzing. We could not see from the tee box whether or not the ball dropped due to a small slope on the green. We made our way to the greens and I started marking Mattís close ball.... he asked me what the hell I was doing which made me realize I was marking his Callaway ball. I nervously walked up to the hole and sure enough, there was my TaylorMade Rocketballz with the green 66. We started roaring just as our 4 other buddies walked up to the tees on the same hole to join us in hollering celebration. .
Certificate ID: 74103