David Elrod had a hole-in-one August 13, 2019 on hole 15 at Cherokee Run Golf Club in Conyers, GA.
He used a 9 Iron on the 126 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Richard (Bud) Bramblett.
It was just a Sunday afternoon round with my life long friend, Bud Bramblett. The weather was in the high 90's, hot and humid. I was recovering from a cracked rib so I wasn't playing my best or able to hit the ball as well as usual. The par 3, 15th, was downhill into the sun and playing short but knowing I wasn't hitting the ball solid I chose the 9-iron and hit a little punch shot. The ball got up into the sun and we could not see it from the glare. But when it hit the green I could just make out the shadow of the ball as it rolled towards the hole. When the shadow didn't continue past the hole I told Bud I think it went in. He actually thought the ball hit short of the green because neither of us had a good view due to the sun. Bud went onto to the green first and sure enough the ball was in the hole. We grabbed our cell phones and recorded a short video of me coming onto the green and picking the ball out of the hole. I was playing poorly that day and ended up shooting a 90 for the 18 holes. The bad part was I had lost my new ball earlier in the round and was playing an old dirty Bridgestone at the time. So my trophy \"Hole in One\" ball is a scuffed up golf ball. The lesson learned is to always use a new ball on par 3's...just in case!.
Certificate ID: 74109