John Crankshaw had a hole-in-one October 08, 2019 on hole 4 at Tradition Golf Club at Oak Lane in Woodbridge, CT.
He used a Pitching Wedge on the 130 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Kent Geghan , Paul Amann and Rick Coba.
During a league match at the 130-yard #4 par 3 of the Tradition Golf Club at Oak Lane. Tees were far more right than normal with a decent right to left wind and the pin just a few paces off of the right edge of the green and roughly center. I tend to hit a draw so I was concerned about the pin placement and the wind... Plus there is a tree not too far right of the tee box. I placed my ball on a tee that was already there and basically flush with the ground on the left side of the tee area. I aimed slightly right of the green. I had just watched my buddy Kent blast his shot over the green so I choked down slightly and focused on making a nice 3/4 back swing. The rest of the swing felt perfect. Fantastic center face contact. As I watched my ball soar high exactly where I aimed, I heard my divot land in the pond in front of me. My ball seemed to be going unusually straight and was heading right for a bunker. As it hung in the air I said, "c'mon wind, push it!" The ball landed on the fringe just past the hole and to the right. It immediately spun back and left (all that draw spin) right into the hole!.
Certificate ID: 75775