Kyle Alatar had a hole-in-one October 08, 2019 on hole 12 at Baker national golf club in Hamel, MN.
He used a 9 Iron on the 153 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Ethan Thayer , Mike Thayer and Tim.
We were walking up to the 12th hole, 153 yards downhill when my playing partner Ethan said “I don’t know man, I have a crazy feeling one of us is going to get a hole in 1 here.” I gave him the ole “yeah whatever man” but he insisted he had a special feeling. Well he was right. I was between clubs. It was playing closer to 145. Had the pitching wedge and 9 iron. Decided on the 9 iron hit it to the right side of the green because it slopes hard right to left. Caught the hill and just watched roll all the way across the green, then boom it disappeared. We all went absolutely crazy! What a moment!.
Certificate ID: 75777