Josh Daniel had a hole-in-one October 09, 2019 on hole 4 at Piedmont Club in Haymarket , VA.
He used a 3 Wood on the 209 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Jake Daniel , Phil Daniel and Joey Daniel.
Never thought it would happen... My Brothers and I rarely get to play, as we all are married with kids, but when we do get some time, game on. To say we are competitive would be an understatement... We hate losing. We always enjoy the challenge and fight to win(not literally). This round I was playing okay. When we got to the 4th hole, I was last to hit. The Wind was blowing steady, averaging around 10 to 15 mph, so club selection was tricky, as it in between clubs. I wanted to hit 4 iron but feared hitting the bunker in front of the green, I decided that was not club. Not having a 5 wood in my bag and having little confidence in my 3 Iron hybrid, I decided to hit a three wood. I was the last person to hit from the tee, Joey went first (missed the green Short), then Jake ( hit a beauty about 15 feet from the hole but left), Phil missed the green just left and then it was my turn. I teed up the ball a-little higher then normal, as I hit a three wood about 250. I swung easy and right away I knew it was a good shot (never thought it would go in) and the ball was turning ever so slightly Left, toward the pin. As the ball drew closer, I looked at Jake and said the ball is all over the pin. The ball bounced once and disappeared. Jake said I think it went in and in somewhat Disbelief, we hurried back to our carts. By this time our buddies in the group behind us had pulled up and saw what had transpired and yelled get in and all 4 carts drove as fast as we could to the hole. We were the lead cart. As we got close to the green, I saw Jakes ball on the left side of the green but nothing else. I was hoping the ball had not run off the back of the green. Jake jumped out of the cart a second before me and beat me to the hole.... I vividly remember Jake looking in the hole and screaming “hole in one” while throwing his hands in the air. I guess I had to see it myself, and found out his wasn’t pulling my leg. I headed for the nearby water and planned to jump in... as I got the waters edge, while still on cloud nine, reason flashed in and decided with the temps in the upper 50’s that might not be a good idea. We all celebrated, chest bumps, high fives, you name it. My first Hole in One!.
Certificate ID: 75809