Mark Blood had a hole-in-one January 14, 2020 on hole 15 at South Hampton Golf Club in St. Augustine, FL.
He used a 7 Wood on the 179 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Michael Parker and Jeff Freyhagen.
So this is my 2nd HIO registered. I was playing with 3 others on this warm, Florida January day. I had a blister on my Right hand thumb that was bothering me all day and tried repeatedly to band-aid and tape it up, so it was a real irritation and (perhaps b/c of this) I shot a terrible round, could not shoot wall all day and shot a 98. But on the par 3, 179 yard (I measure holes prior with my range finder) I teed up a Bridgestone e6 (same brand ball as HIO 1, 5.5 years early) and used my Bridges 7 wood (same club). The pin was behind the large trap on this hole. But I teed it up and it hit a rock solid, high shot that dropped over the trap and towards the flag. I thought, wow, that looked good. We drove up to the hole WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE HOLE MY HOUSE IS LOCATED ON at this course. My home for 9.5 years now is smack dab in the middle of the par 3 fairway, with an L shaped decorative metal fence literally 3 feet from the cart path. Anyway, I always said my Bucket List item was to hit at HIO on this, MY HOLE. So we got to the green and Jeff and I walked up, and I noticed him looking around for my ball. I did not see it. It's a large green so I did not think it went off the green in back... so I again, tiptoed up the the cup and... yep, there it was!!! WOW, what a complete thrill. To get another is unthinkable... but to get it ON THAT HOLE, ON MY HOLE, was just unprecedented and unbelievable. I thank the Lord for the good things he blesses me with. How fun..
Certificate ID: 76980