Kyle Flanagan had a hole-in-one June 29, 2020 on hole 11 at Countryway Golf Club in Westchase, FL.
He used a 9 Iron on the 115 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Kevin Flanagan.
My father and I had already finished 18 holes at the Silver Dollar Golf and Country Club where we shot respective 9 over par or so. We had attempted to go to another function with some friends but that fell through. We decided to go for another 18 at the Countryway Golf Club. It was an overcast type day and the thunderstorms were building up. There was thunder all around and a steady fall of fat rain drops. We decided to push through and headed to the back 9. I teed up the 11th hole and gave a solid and well connected swing. It was probably one of the few times I’ve ever even landed this green. It’s always given my father and I some trouble in the past. We both watched it fly up and towards the pin both saying how well of a ball it was. We stopped looking, he teed up his ball and let it fly too a little shy of the green. As we drove down the path we located his ball again and looked to the teen to not find my shot. We made the same joke like we always do “maybe it fell into the hole” and gave a hearty laugh each like always. We walked into the green and to our surprise there it was in the hole. We both just froze, looked at each other, stuttered some incoherent and my blown fragments of words. And he proclaims “Hole in 1!” And we both began to laugh even harder at what we thought was absolutely incredible. Neither of us has ever had a hole in one, and later in the parking lot a gentleman was congratulating me and told me he had been playing for 60 years and had never done it himself. It truly is a one of a kind feeling to have a ace in the hole. Good swings out there folks! Cheers!.
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