Linda Obrigewitsch had a hole-in-one September 26, 2020 on hole 16 at Deer Valley Golf Course in Deer Valley, SK.
She used a 7 Iron on the 107 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Kim Obrigewitsch and Cecelia Knowles.
Time was around 6:30 pm so dusk was starting to come into play. I was the first one in the group to tee off. At 107 yards, I grabbed my 7 iron and said my chant - “hole-in-one hole”. Something I started this year with some of my golf friends. We figured if we say it out loud it’s bound to happen! I hit the ball perfectly - the shot looked awesome. It was high and came down so beautifully on the green. We could see it land and watched it roll but couldn’t tell where it rolled to. We thought could this actually be a hole-in-one? Then I thought, nah probably just rolled behind the pin. I waited for my team members to play their tee shots and couldn’t wait to jump into the cart to drive to the green. As we came up to the green my friend Cecelia kept repeating “Where’s your ball Linda?” “I don’t see it”. I personally thought it rolled to the fringe. Cecelia jumped of the cart before I even parked it. She ran to the hole and I was right behind her. She screamed, I screamed - the ball is sitting in the hole! A moment of disbelief - did that just happen, to me?? All I could say is “oh my God - it’s actually in the hole”. “I got a HOLE IN ONE”. My very first one! Super, super exciting. I’m still reeling in the excitement and cannot stop smiling :-).
Certificate ID: 82713