Zachary Rebeiro had a hole-in-one November 26, 2020 on hole 16 at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club in Thornton, ON.
He used a 5 Iron on the 192 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Jordan Richardson and Trevor Delamondiere.
Approaching the tee blocks as the sun sets, eager to finish an amazingly warm November day, the three of us look down the valley at the green and comment on how tight the bunker is to the green and how the pros are so good at placing it in the right spots. The hole was marked around 205 but adjusted to 192 yards with slope from the platinum tees (tips). A few practice swings and then a nice slow (rare) backswing led to an absolutely pured five iron. Trevor mentions that thing is directly on line. Divot about 10 feet directly behind the pin and pretty much dunked on second or third smaller bounce. Pure silence for about 3 seconds, then Trevor yells that it went in. I don't believe him at first, then Jordan confirms that the ball just dropped! We start screaming and I ran all the way down to the pin to confirm for myself. Was crazy! .
Certificate ID: 84136