Daniel Cohen had a hole-in-one February 20, 2021 on hole 11 at Shelby Golf Course in Nashville, TN.
He used a 6 Iron on the 143 yard par 3 hole.
Witness to his great achievement was Luke Dick.
My friend Luke and I love playing Shelby Golf Course in Nashville. It was designed by Donald Ross and was the first municipal golf course in Nashville, opening in 1924. It's incredibly hilly, not very long, but has some very tight fairways, punishing rough, and tiny little greens. Classic 1920's municipal course architecture. Shelby was hit VERY hard by the tornados in March of 2020, and shut down for repairs. And then there was a pandemic. They re-opened in January with a lot fewer trees. This was our first round there in almost a year. The 11th is a downhill par-3 over a pond. They had a temporary green just to the right of where the regular green is. the temporary greens are half the size of the regular greens, which are already tiny! Normally this is a 7 or 8-iron for me (and a PW or 9 for Luke, who is very big) but it was cold and there was quite a bit of wind into and off the right a bit. So I hit a little fade in and was just hoping to hold the green, really. I saw that it was close, and I was very happy with the shot. Then we got in the cart and drove down the hill. I'm looking for my ball to see how close it is and...no ball. "Man, I think that went in," Luke said. Walked up and there was a lady on the road behind the hole jumping up and down and pointing at the green. There it was in the cup. It must have just sat there on the edge of the cup until our cart was out of sight and then decided to take the plunge. I was a little stunned, really. It didn't seem real. I didn't even take a picture with the ball or anything. In fact, I put the ball in play right away on the next hole and I have no idea where it is. Probably in the deep hay OB left on 14! Next time I'll save the ball. .
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