Michaelangelo Mallari had a hole-in-one February 23, 2021 on hole 13 at Redwood Canyon Golf Course in Castro Valley , CA.
He used a 9 Iron on the 122 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Steven Jun , Mark Yanga and Erik Garabiles .
13th hole par 3 at Redwood Canyon. 122 yards, club choice was Callaway Steelhead XR. Pin was in front of the green and decided to take a full swing. Once Iíve made contact with the ball I saw it took a straight line towards the flag. I said to myself, ok good line should be a birdie putt from 3-4 feet out! Saw the ball land a foot right before the flag, take one hop pass the hole and back spin into the hole. The ball disappeared & everyone started celebrating and yelling. I was in disbelief for a few seconds, until I saw the next group in front of me at their tee box clapping because they had a better view of the hole then I did! Thatís when I knew I hit my every first hole in one! Still in disbelief! Haha .
Certificate ID: 85329