Chuck Riddle had a hole-in-one June 10, 2021 on hole 2 at Auburn university club in Auburn, AL.
He used a 9 Iron on the 151 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Don Crow , Phillip Lambert and Josh McDonald .
I started playing golf in 2015. One year after I started working at Opelika Fire Department. About a month ago a fireman told me that his Dad was a big golfer and asked if I wanted any of his golf stuff. His dad passed away of Cancer about a year earlier. He was not a big golfer, but his dad was really big into golf. He gave me several items and also a golf ball case with about 20 golf balls inside. He didnít know what they meant to his dad, but knew they were important. I decided to write his dads name on each one of the balls and take them with me when I play. I play on the VGA. Better and golf association and we play about 8 tournaments a year. I have been placing one of his dads golf balls on T one at different courses. With his name. RON MANLEY and R.I.P. in respect of his dad and his love of golf. As I was playing in a tournament to honor a fallen police officer in Auburn, Alabama, I decided to T up one of Mr. Manleyís treasured golf memories. I had never done that before. I usually leave them on the T for someone to find and think about Jonís father Ron. It was 151 yard par 3 and the ball landed about a foot front left and went right in the cup. I immediately FaceTimed my co worker Jon Manley and showed him his fathers own gold ball in the bottom of the cup. Awesome memory that I will treasure forever. .
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