Aaron Fleck had a hole-in-one June 11, 2021 on hole 10 at Revere Golf Club (Lexington ) in Henderson, NV.
He used a 3 Wood on the 314 yard par 4 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Brian Boyles , Travis Ryan and Ryan Henry.
I was in Las Vegas for the weekend and played at the Revere Golf Club. The hole-in-one happened on hole #10 of the Lexington course. Yes, it is a par 4! The hole was 314 yards from the tee we were playing that day. It was downhill with about 90 feet drop in elevation, so we decided it was playing about 274 yards. We also had some wind at our backs. Originally, I grabbed a 4-iron because I had a good round going and did not need to be aggressive. My buddy Brian wanted us all to go for it! ďItís vacation golf, why notĒ he said! My friend Travis and Ryan also said the same, ďletís go for it!Ē Brian led the way and hit driver right at the green, looked great, but we all lost it coming down out of the sky and never found it, I should add! LOL. We got out the range finder and looked around the green but did not see it. I was next and went back to the cart after I realized I was not going to be playing safe. I grabbed my 3 wood, because driver would be too much. I told Travis to watch with the rangefinder down at the green and I would tell him where to look so we did not lose another ball. I hit it about 90% and on a slightly lower trajectory so that I could limit the wind some. I realized right when I hit it, it was flushed and I threw my hands in the air and said to my buddies, itís gonna be on!! I told Travis to watch just to the right of the pin. We all watched as it hit about 10 feet onto the green, bounced once, twice and right into the hole! We all started to jump around; I was in disbelief. I was asking Travis to verify with the rangefinder, and he couldn't because he was so excited and couldnít keep it still. Since it was a par 4 and somewhat far to see, I was thinking, what if it was just hidden behind the pin? I did not know if I should keep celebrating or not, but we kept celebrating. Travis and Ryan then hit, and we hopped into the carts to go check it out. This was a very emotional moment for me. Not only was this my first Hole-in-one, but I lost my mom to cancer about 6 months ago, she battled for about 2.5 years. The part that made this emotional was not being able to share this with my mom as well as I was playing with Brian, the son of my Moms best friend for 60 plus years. I consider Brian a brother, but only see him every few years, and donít live near him. It might Sound funny, but itís like my mom had a hand in making Brian one of the witness to my very first Hole-in-one. Sometimes we look for a sign from someone we lost, I consider this to be it! We got to the green and looked in the bottom of the cup! Sure enough, there it was in the bottom of the cup! The celebrating continued! .
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