Jamie Garcia had a hole-in-one July 20, 2021 on hole 6 at Our Ponderosa Resort ipperwash in Lambton Shores Ontario , ON.
He used a Driver on the 225 yard par 4 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Larry Garcia , Nathan Nunes and Amy Garcia .
We got to the 6th hole I started it was 225 yards to the pin I used my light driver we seen it land on the green I seen it go towards the hole and disappeared I jumped up and said I think I got a hole in one and then also said maybe it passed the hole we were all joking about it so we started to walk up to the green after everyone else tee off . As we got about 20 yards away Nathan said oh I think I see it passed the hole so I didn't think anything of it. As we got to the green we didn't see my ball pass the hole it was just paper so my brother and I walked up to the hole and seen it in the hole we all jump for joy the best day of my life in 27 year I never got one . The best part was one of the greens man seen it and told the whole Resort for the last 5 day at the resort people were congratulating me and call me Ace... so I kept my card and ball framed it with date and place and hung on wall also hung up my driver never to be used again.....
Certificate ID: 89067