Ryan Gale had a hole-in-one July 21, 2021 on hole 1 at Hartlen Point in Eastern passage , NS.
He used a Pitching Wedge on the 159 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Chris Gillis , Stephen Mooney and Stefan Bielecki.
Old lady’s in front of us, us play through after they hit. One lady says I’m going to watch so she came up on tee box. I lined up for shot and it was foggy barely see the hole. I looked up at her, and said hey love what’s your name? She answers “no names here just here to watch”... thrown of by the comment , I address the ball waggled day shit , getting ready to smack dat shit . I look back up at her, and say this ones for you no name “ didn’t see go in but was looking like it was tracking sure enough get on the green Bielecki walks up to pin looks in hole doesn’t say anything , couple balls on greens boys were throwing darts so thought might be just on back off green, so walk past the hole don’t look Bielecki says where you going hahah go look in hole and there it was ..... celebration was on, boys jumpin up and down on green and the old lady’s behind us walk up behind us to get there balls start clapping and cheering .... hole in one picture on Instagram with ball in hand holding flag, Miss no name is in the background of picture haha.
Certificate ID: 89075