Emilie Richardson had a hole-in-one September 13, 2021 on hole 14 at Mapleview Golf and Country Club in Perth, ON.
She used a 5 Iron on the 124 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Cindy Richardson , Jennifer Munro and Rebecca Spence .
It was a ladies league make up night for a rain night earlier in the summer. It was a quiet night and I remember this whole vividly. I remember everyone was watching, which isnít typical. Someone is always grabbing a ball or putting away a club, etc. I hit my 5 iron that was from a hand me down set given to me by my sister! The ball hit near the front of the green and roll up and what seemed to be into the hole but I wasnít convinced. Itís the type of green that it could have looked in but rolled 30 feet off the back! Jennifer was sure the ball was in so she hopped on her cart and took off up to the hole, as the rest of us followed. We all walked towards the green and no ball was in sight. Jennifer ran over, looked in the hole and yelled ďitís in the holeĒ. We all jumped and shouted in excitement. I couldnít believe it - I never thought I would get an ace! It was an amazing moment shared with my favourite golf team. .
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