Muffin Larsen had a hole-in-one October 14, 2021 on hole 5 at Suntree Country Club Classic Course in Melbourne, FL.
She used a 8 Iron on the 125 yard par 3 holes.
Witnesses to her great achievement were Teri Bartels and Vicki Tull.
We were playing in the club championship, flighted division. My friend said the yardage, but I always use an 8 iron unless there is a big headwind, which there wasn?t. I took my 8 iron out of my bag, took a practice swing, and thought, stick this one close. I had a nice swing, and hit it squarely on the face. The ball took off and went super high- it was a fun ball flight to watch. I even said, Ooo that?s right at it! It hit left of the flag, bounced, and disappeared. I thought it rolled to the back of the green. The girls said, no, that?s in! We drove up and I looked on the green, in the trap, no ball. We walked over to the pin, looked down, and there it was! .
Certificate ID: 91495