Kim Perry had a hole-in-one November 26, 2021 on hole 15 at Sunnyvale Golf Course in Sunnyvale, CA.
He used a 5 Iron on the 197 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Kevin Perry , Travis Wyckoff and Kedar Stanbury.
So, it’s getting dark. Going to be the last hole we play. Earlier we watched the Niners beat the Oilers in the Dome. Never registered this hole in one, because the next day I went back to the course to register and was told, “you did not complete 18 holes”. So just today I was reminiscing and remembered Dwight Clark caught a TD against the Oilers and looked up the date. 10/21,1984. Kicker to the story, the guys asked for a stroke each on the hole, a par three. Forced into the bet for a beer from each, they all proceed to hit some pretty decent shots. I had just lost a ball on the previous hole, it’s dark out. One of the guys throws me a beat up Top Flight #5, so I tee it up, hit it and say “go in”. And the rest is history. I win three beers for my efforts. That’s my story, please register. Now living in Vermont. By the way, that was the last shot I ever hit at Sunnyvale GC..
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