Anthony Piazza had a hole-in-one June 23, 2022 on hole 2 at Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, CA.
He used a 6 Iron on the 140 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Joseph Wilson and Mathew Raymonde.
Carted up to the tee box checked my V1 Game app for yardage. Yardage said 148 at the cart, the score card said 140 from the whites. Flag was red. Hole was above me uphill so I club up to 6 Iron. Hole 2 hits over Course drive way. Got into setup position and waited for 2 cars to pass by. Squared up and and swung. Made great contact. Ball started slightly to the right, me being a lefty, caused by a closed face. Ball started to cut back then clap. One of my witnesses, Joseph Wilson, and I heard the pin being hit. We both looked at each other and said ?that just hit the pin!? I stated ?no way that went in.? I proceeded to the green in my cart. Then I thought I saw my ball in the rough, behind the green. Thinking it hit the pin and carried through, I approach what I thought was my ball happened to be a piece of paper. I stop, I turn and look around and don?t see a ball. I tell Joseph that?s not even a ball. I head to the hole look in and immediately say no way, turn around and walk away while looking at Joseph. He then say ?there?s no way? I say ?go look.? I was way too excited to even think about a picture. So I pulled my ball out and we all signed it! I was so over the moon about it I shot one of my worst golf rounds ever, a 125. Which isn?t that crazy with my handicap being 32.3. .
Certificate ID: 96009