Brian Hutchins had a hole-in-one August 05, 2022 on hole 7 at River Ridge Vineyard Course in Oxnard, CA.
He used a 5 Iron on the 187 yard par 3 hole.
Witnesses to his great achievement were Jerry Gomez , Mark Dressel and Justin Willner.
My story starts on the previous hole. Hole 6 on the Vineyard course at River Ridge Golf Course in Oxnard, CA. I sliced my tee shot into the rough. I went searching for my ball and found it. Hit it out and ended up paring the hole. When I was searching for my ball I also found one of the new Srixon Q-Star Tour balls. They are neon yellow on one half of the ball and bright blue on the other half. When we finished the hole I showed the guys the ball. No one had seen them before and I told them I saw the Pro Shop had them on sale for $4 a ball. So, I decided to use it on the next hole. Hole 7, Par 3, 187 Yards from the blue tees. There was a low wind in my face and the flag placement for the day was mid left side of the green. I hit my shot with my Taylormade M6 5 Iron and I could see the colors of the ball flipping over yellow, blue, yellow, blue. It was pretty cool. Immediately I knew it was a good shot but did not know how good. The ball had a great flight path and landed 10-15 yards in front of the green and started rolling up the slight hill onto the green. At that point I lost sight of the ball. The guys I was playing with were telling me it was a great shot and one said it got really near the pin. I did not think so as I am not a great golfer. So, from the tee I had no idea I got the hole in one. Everyone else tees off and we head off to the green. I drive up on the left side of the green on the cart path and now have a full view of the green. I can not see my ball anywhere. I was thinking great, I overshot the green and my ball is on the backside of the green. So, I go hunting. I am looking behind the green and another player spoke up and said... I think that shot went in. He said he did not want to say anything as he was not sure. Then I walk onto the green and get about 10 feet away from the cup and see a bright neon yellow glow in the cup! Immediately I started going nuts! As did the other golfers in the 4-some. This was my first hole in one and the only one I have ever witnessed as well. It was an amazing experience. Found a premium golf ball, hit it once, hole in one, retired the ball. AWESOME!.
Certificate ID: 97677